What Does it Mean When a Bird Poops On You? Is it Good Luck?

Let’s settled the question what does it mean when a bird poops on you once and for all. Do you know that when a bird poops on you or your car, that means you will have good luck? What about your body?

To have a bird poop on you can happen to anyone at any time. Bird pooping is not an unusual phenomenon. But bird poop can be considered gross; it is slimy and smelly. When a bird poops on you, it can be considered an unlucky event; however, many people think that it is a sign that you will be very lucky. 

So, if there’s bird poop on your shirt or your car, don’t be upset, because who knows, it will bring you some luck. In this post, we will talk more about the meaning of when a bird poops on you.

When a bird poops on you, does it mean good luck?

People have always believed since ancient times that if a bird poops on you or your things, it is a sign of good luck. But, it is fairly a prominent superstition that bird droppings can make you fortunate.

The phrase ‘bird poop brings you luck’ originated in Turkey.

Many Turkish comics say that a bird poop brings good luck. One of the comics emphasizes a bird pooping on a man who is playing the lottery in the hope of winning. Also, when a bird poops on someone’s head, it’s considered pretty lucky.

However, modern civilization believes that it is just a myth because bird poop is pretty gross and disgusting.

So, what does it mean when there’s bird poop on you?

A poop is considered a result of the food digestion process. Bird’s poop can only be obtained when the bird has enough food to eat, so the food is processed into a poop. Having enough food can also be related to having good health and good fortune.

So, it is believed that when a bird poops on you, that is how the universe transfers a good fortune to you. Back in ancient times, people used birds as messengers to help them in communication. So, getting a bird’s poop can have a deeper meaning than we know.

Bird poop’s spiritual meaning

  • In a spiritual sense, a bird pooping on you means that the universe is aware of your existence. If you are a spiritual person with good deeds, bird poop is how God appreciates your kindness in your life.
  • When we face some struggles in life, we often find it difficult to sit down and reflect. In this case, bird droppings mean you need to slow down, take a deep breath, and think about your life choices.
  • If you get bird droppings on your clothes or car, the immediate reaction is to clean the bird droppings before they leave stains on your belongings. In other words, bird droppings also mean that you need to have a spiritual cleansing that can help change your inner journey and lead you on a better path.
  • And finally, we are all familiar with the prominent meaning of bird droppings. It means that you will have a good fortune and that it will bring wealth into your life.

The symbolic meaning of bird droppings on you

Birds are mythical creatures that often appear in ancient stories. They are not ordinary creatures created by the power of nature. The predominant God in Norse mythology, Odin, had two crows named Huggin and Muninn that are also known as God’s messengers.

Meanwhile, in Greek mythology, the goddess Athena had an owl as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Birds have a deeper meaning than they look when you consider their connection to the ancient gods. Even bird droppings seem to have a spiritual meaning. 

Bird’s poop has been considered to have a deep spiritual meaning, as the birds also gain powers from the gods. Many mythological stories explain the importance of bird droppings. One of the ancient stories said that when the sailors found bird droppings on a ship, they neglected to wipe them off. 

They believed that to clean the poop meant wiping away the good luck given by the gods. As a consequence, they would let the poop be washed away by natural conditions, such as the rain.

Is bird droppings on the car good luck?

Many people believe that when a bird poops on your car, then you will have good luck and that prosperity will come to you.

There was a study that was conducted in the United Kingdom found that have a color preference when they poop on a car. The primary targets of these birds are red cars, followed by black and blue colors. Green cars were also the target.

However, we can consider that when a bird poop on cars, that can mean the same thing as it does on your clothes. In other words, the next time you see a terrible dry poop stain on your car, take it as a sign that the universe is about to bring good luck.

7 Spiritual meanings of bird droppings

1. Spiritual Enlightenment

If the bird droppings that bring good luck are myths, the bird droppings that give you spiritual enlightenment sound ridiculous. It may seem strange, but bird droppings bring about a spiritual awakening, especially when it hits the head. 

Our foreheads are known to have the crown chakras that bring you wisdom and enlightenment. Birds are mythical creatures with spiritual connections, so a bird pooping on the head is seen as a sign that you need to seek spiritual enlightenment

2. God’s Messages

Birds were not only considered messengers for humans but also messengers of the gods. Therefore, bird droppings mean there’s a spiritual message sent to you by the universe. 

Whenever you are having a bad day and somehow bird droppings land on you, you must take it as a divine message from God that your day is going to get better. Bird droppings are also the spiritual message sent by your guardian angel when you are looking for an answer within yourself.

3. Earning Money

We all know now that bird droppings mean to bring good luck. This means that having bird droppings on you can also be seen as a sign that you can make some money in the future. Even if you’re financially struggling right now, bird droppings are a source of hope and symbolize that money is on the way.

You may earn some of this fortune in the most unexpected way. The Turkish consider bird droppings as a sign that encourages them to win the lottery and helps them make money.

4. Trust and loyalty

Bird droppings are also a sign from the universe, confirming that you want loyalty in your relationships with different people.  

If you have a relationship with or are married to your partner, bird droppings are a sign that you need to remain loyal to your loved ones and maintain their trust. If a bird poops on you while you are in a toxic relationship, it also means that you need to change your life and behavior. 

5. Lucky Day

Is there a day when you feel lucky? Now, bird droppings can be a confirmation that today could be your lucky day. The terrible smell may be another way of saying it, but don’t pay attention because it’s a sign that the universe is on your side.  

You must do your best and continue the path set for you. It also means that you are destined for this job and need to continue without a break along the way.

6. Find the Purpose

Experiencing a harsh dark day can never be better than a bird pooping on you. But don’t worry. Take this as a sign that the universe wants you to find the purpose of your life. 

When you are at a crossroads, you are often confused about your path choices. But bird droppings are a confirmation from the universe that you have to follow your gut and choose the path intended for you. In other words, you need to serve the purpose of your life by finding it along the way. 

7. Dreaming of Bird Poop

Sometimes we have some kind of weird dreams, and fortunately, bird droppings are one of them. Birds that poop on you in your dreams are a good sign. It usually symbolizes the approaching fortune. Also, dreaming of bird droppings means that positive changes will occur in the future. 

Bird droppings are so common that you may be wondering what that means. Hopefully, this article will help you realize that bird droppings are definitely not a bad sign. In fact, it is actually a good sign that something good is approaching and that you must believe in the messages the universe has sent you.

So, do you know the meaning of when a bird poops on you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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