10 Unique Flowers That Look Like Birds

Nature has a lot of amazing things and these flowers that look like birds are some of them. When we see beautiful flowers that look like flowers, we appreciate their existence. But sometimes what we see in nature can fool us. Sometimes flowers can resemble the form of other natural beings such as a dancing girl, a white dove, or even a naked man!

But when you look carefully and close enough, you’ll find it amazing that that some flowers can also look like birds.  These flowers have petals with unique colors, shapes, shades, and even white stripes on wings that somehow resemble other natural creatures. The flowers may look like a group of birds hiding among flowers or even look like a couple of birds staring at each other. This unique resemblance is very fascinating. 

Let’s check out these unique flowers that look like birds below. Tell me which one is the most beautiful to you among the 10!

1. Parrot Flower

Resembling its name, this flower looks like flying parrots or cockatoos. They come in beautiful shades of deep maroon and white. These unique flowers require a unique environment to grow: they need an extremely hot and wet climate. The flowers can be found in places with a dry and humid climate such as some parts of America that has a tropical climate and some countries in Southeast Asia.

2. White Egret Orchid

This beautiful white orchid has an image of a flying egret. Egrets are beautiful and elegant birds that have long necks and white feathers. You can find the birds in high swamps or seepage blogs of high mountains in Japan. The lands are not really suitable for agriculture. But coincidentally, many egrets in Japan share the same habitat with the flowers that look like them.

3. Green Bird Flower

These beautiful green bird flowers come from a shrub and have shapes that resemble hummingbirds. The flowers are called green bird flowers or Crotalaria cunninghamii, and they grow naturally and spread along the beaches and inland parts of northern Australia. With their unique shapes, the flowers are famous on the Internet too.

4. Flying Duck Orchid

Parrot flower is one of the flowers that looks like birds

These unique flowers found in the southern part of Australia are very similar to the shape of a flying duck. The flower is known as the flying duck orchid or Celeana major and is common to be found in eucalyptus forests along the coasts of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia. 

5. Strelitzia

This unique flowers are often called “crane flowers” or “bird of paradise flowers” due to their stunning appearance. This flower has a shape that resembles showy forest, black and yellow birds. They usually come in bright colors like orange, yellow, and purple, but some species have white flowers. This plant is also great as a garden plant and grows easily in tropical or subtropical climates.

6. Dove Orchid

Dove orchid or is also known as Holy Ghost Orchid, is a beautiful unique species with fragrant, waxy, white petals with a small white dove-like shape part in the center of the flower. Most orchids grow on or near trees, but unlike the others, this flower grows on the ground, even sometimes on rocks. This orchid species is one of the most wanted ones. It has been over-picked now and is classified as an endangered species in the country of its origin.

7. Angel Orchid 

Angel orchids are unique because of their resemblance to an angel wearing a gown. The flower was initially found in 1932 in the grasslands of India. The angel of orchid is a type of orchid that has a single leaf with a heart shape that lay flat on the ground. The flowers bloom in clusters of up to five flowers. These orchids bloom at the beginning of the monsoon season. This beautiful flower grows super fast and has a very pleasant fragrance. 

8. Moth Orchid

This orchid has its nickname because of the shape that resembles a moth. The flower has a very attractive shape and colors, and a pleasant fragrance. Moth orchids have a sweet scent in the early morning during sunrise,  which makes them popular as a home plant. Growing moth orchids are known very simple and easy. These flowers can attach themselves and grow on branches or trunks.

9. Yulan Magnolias

Yulan magnolias are flowers that have the shape of a bird were found in China. The flowers look very similar to a bird just before they bloom. For almost 1500 years, people have been cultivating the plants in Buddhist temple gardens. The flower is a symbol of purity. During the Tang Dynasty era, people planted Yulan magnolias at the emperor’s palace.

10. Fly Orchid

Fly orchids are a relatively common species of orchids in Europe that grows between 11 to 15 inches in height. The bud looks like a small fly with its big black insect eyes. However, its name refers to its ability to attract flies and aphids. The bulbs can be dried to make salep and are said to be very nutritious.

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