What Are the Different Horse Jump Accessories?

There are a variety of horse jump accessories available on the market. For example, you can choose from a Plank, Cross rail, or Brush jump. If you’re interested in a customized horse jump, you can contact a manufacturer for more information. These accessories will help you to customize your horse jump to match your needs and preferences.

Brush jumps

A brush jump is a horse jump accessory that adds a realistic look to your horse’s jump course. It is designed to fit within standard jump dimensions and can be purchased separately or as part of a complete jump set.


Horse jump accessories come in different shapes and sizes. However, the jumping saddle, running martingale, and open-front boots are the most common. You can use a plank or wall fence to upgrade your horse jump.

Cross rails

Cross rails are used to create a fence in horse jumps. They are helpful for schooling and cross-training. Without them, horses will have a difficult time jumping.

Model horse jumps

Model horse jumps are handcrafted wood structures that work like real-size jumping fences. They’re interchangeable and can be made as complex or as simple as you like. In addition, various accessories are available to enhance the beauty of the jumps. For instance, you can add flowers, greenery, or a roll top for the model horse’s head. Another accessory is the Horseshoe Jump, a brush box with horseshoe standards. It’s a significant-looking jump that works with jumping Breyer horses.


Premier Equestrian carries a wide range of Cavaletti horse jump accessories. These versatile tools are ideal for lunging, jumping, and dressage training. They are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, so they’re safe for horses. In addition, these jumps are easily set up and are available at a variety of heights.


Rollback horse jumps are a great way to improve your horse’s ability. However, they require a quick turnback after completing the first jump. You can practice rolling back by using ground poles to practice the maneuver. Ground poles are available at several heights to accommodate different levels of jumpers.


If you have an event barn, you should invest in Liverpool horse jump accessories. Liverpool is designed for safety and is easy to store. These lightweight barriers are vinyl and have a foam border that will keep the water within the jump shallow enough to keep your horse safe.

Water jumps

Water jumps are horse jump accessories that provide safety for both the horse and rider. These are made of a plastic material and contain ramps on both sides for jumping. If you need to change the direction of the jump, all you have to do is move the plasticine or the take-off element.

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