The Latest Trend in Hotel Booking Every Traveler Should Know

The latest trend in hotel booking is human service and self-service touch-screen technology. This new technology enables hotels to connect with guests during their stay, upsell products and services, and even provide a personalized experience. Moreover, it allows hotels to create a multichannel approach to hotel bookings, from online bookings to reservations made through phone and tablet devices.

A Multichannel Approach To Hotel Bookings

A multichannel approach to hotel bookings is essential to any hotel’s marketing strategy. Whether through email, SEO, mobile websites, social media, or any other marketing medium, a well-planned campaign can help hoteliers build their brand and increase their direct bookings. With travelers more engaged than ever, hotel marketers have a unique opportunity to engage with them across multiple channels. A multichannel approach to hotel bookings can include a variety of tools, from paid ads to SEO, from social media to mobile websites. However, building a successful campaign can be difficult if you don’t have the right strategy.

Inclusivity And Accessibility

If you’ve ever considered booking a hotel room on sites like, you probably know how important it is to find a place that can accommodate a range of abilities. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a loved one, you need to be sure your accommodations will meet your needs. Hotels may not always be able to provide accommodations that meet every type of disability, but many are taking steps to make their establishments more accessible. In some cases, this can have a positive economic impact on a hotel’s business.

Smart TVs For Hospitality

Smart TVs for hotel booking are becoming an increasingly popular option. They are a great way to improve the guest experience and streamline business operations. They can even help to increase your hotel rating score. But there are a few essential things to remember before making the switch. The first thing to consider is the type of television best for your hotel. There are several different brands and models to choose from, including Samsung, LG, and Philips. You’ll want to choose a model with the appropriate screen size, features, and connectivity options for your hotel. In addition to being an effective way to stream content, a smart hotel TV can also control lights and order room service. However, if you are careful, you can end up with a TV that is easy to use.

Self-Service Touch-Screen Technology

The hotel industry is in a constant state of change. It is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Fortunately, hotels can utilize new technologies to target their customers better and enhance the overall guest experience. Ultimately, technology can improve staff productivity and reduce labor costs. But is it a good fit for every traveler?

Guests today want more options than ever. They expect to be able to access information about their stay, book their favorite meals, and arrange transportation to their next destination from the comfort of their smartphone.

While some travelers prefer to deal with hotel employees, others would rather check in online or use a self-service mobile app. For hoteliers, this can be an opportunity to offer special deals or personalized suggestions. It can also save money on hardware investments.

Upselling Experiences, Room Service, And Products

Guests who stay at a hotel can upsell their rooms and services to make their stay more enjoyable. There are several ways to upsell, such as offering packages for special occasions and unique local experiences.

One of the most effective ways to upsell is by creating personalized offers that fit the needs of each guest. These offers can increase the average booking value and the number of nights guests stay.

To ensure that upsells are successful; hotels should focus on identifying the right targets and timing. These targets should include guests with higher intent, such as wedding groups, who are more likely to spend more on an extra room.

Connecting Check-In With A Specific Guest

It’s no secret that hotels are on a budget these days, but they can still come up with an eye-catching, tech-savvy way to keep customers happy. The most impressive is a plethora of well-designed, i.e., well-lit rooms and a bit of forward planning. A modern-day traveler is a discerning beast, and a hotelier will appreciate a little TLC. A savvy agent will also appreciate a few perks, such as free high-speed wireless and the odd chance of a room upgrade. There are a few pitfalls that could spell doom for a modern-day traveler. To avert disaster, a few measures are in place to help keep guests happy.

Virtual Agents

The hospitality industry has embraced virtual agents. This technology can provide a more personalized experience and better overall customer service. It can be used in many areas, including guest rooms, check-in, checkout, and front desk. The AI agent provides instant information and helps reduce operational service requests. It can also increase self-service conversion rates. It can also increase revenue opportunities by suggesting alternative offers or actions support guests. A recent report from a reputable site shows a significant growth in the 0- to 90-day search window and short- to mid-term planning. Customers also expect new and innovative self-service options. In addition, travelers are more likely to visit hotel websites before making a reservation. 

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